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The Network

We are The Umm Fariha Network; spreading Joy and Happiness, Love and Aspiration, Hope and Dreams.

We are a network of sisters, wives, mothers and friends, working together in the pursuit of true success for ourselves, our homes and our community, through the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah.

Our aim is to nurture women, help them discovery themselves and their callings, live a purposeful life and gain fulfilment from whatever path they choose to take.

Our greatest motivation is our desire to attain Jannah for ourselves, our family and our loved ones. To do this we have to imbibe the prophetic teachings and virtues and use those as our compass through life.

Join us on this journey of Self- discovery, Growth and Fulfillment.

UMM fariha


Our Name

Many people have asked or wondered, what does “Umm Fariha” mean? 

“Umm” is the Arabic word for Mother, Mother of, Possessor of. 

“Fariha” mean to be glad, happy, delighted, rejoice, merry, cheerful 

The name was inspired by the name of our founders daughter; Farhana.

Something we all seek is happiness, contentment and fulfilment.

We wanted our name to reflect just that.


Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind The Network came after our founder, Zahra Zakariya, gave birth to her first child. The birth of a child is a joyous yet challenging occasion and a pivotal period in the life of a woman.

The strength of character required to nurture a home is second to none and we are committed to helping women realize this strength.

We are inspired by each and every mother who has carried a child in her womb with the mercy of Allah. Each mother who laboured, for minutes, hours, maybe days under His watchful eye and through blood, sweat and tears brought a child into this world. Every mother who proceeded to nurse, love, care and look after that child till they reach the age of maturity, never giving up, battling through the tough times and embracing the good times. Selflessly giving up their bodies, time, and quite often, personal dreams.

We want to celebrate your stories, share your lessons and help prepare all women for the realities of what lies ahead by giving them the tools to succeed.

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12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. rasheedah says:

    Barakallahu feekum simply beautiful. May Allah swt allow this platform to flourish and benefit hundreds if not thousands of muslimahs around the world. Ameen

  2. Busrah Adeola Adelakun-Adeniji says:

    Alhamdulilah! May Allah swt continue to guide us aright. Ameen. Just watched your interview on “yourviewtvc” personality of the week on YouTube. I must confess, you wow me. Been searching for your kind of person and I bumped on #the essense a week too late. Nevertheless, I read your interview on “the essense and I hope you will not loose hope too soon.
    Allah will do it.

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